Alcohol &
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AR James Media has been a reliable partner to alcohol brands and distributors since its origination. No group better understands the rules and regulations as well as the opportunities and potential for alcohol brands in the New York DMA.

No matter your campaigns goals, AR James has you covered. Want to reach a hispanic audience through some OOH advertising? AR James is here with the assist. Got a specific zip code or city you want to grow your +21 market in?

We’ve got you covered with ample inventory and recommendations.

Did you know Hoboken has the most bars per square mile than anywhere else in the entire United States? Contact AR James Media to help your alcohol brand.

Making your OOH ad experience seamless and easy is our number one focus. Our team of account professionals will help guide you through the process from ad planning, all the way to installation of ads. We even make it a point to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of our bus shelters and junior posters.

Outdoor Advertising Works!

impressions each week



of the population each week

This week,


of the population will see an outdoor advertisement.

cost per impression of any medium

AR James Media offers best in class bus shelters and junior poster inventory in places like:

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