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Newark is the most populous city in New Jersey and the largest employment center in the state. With a population growth of 1.2% from 2016 to 2017 and an impressive 13.1% increase in household income within the same timeframe, Newark is a diverse destination with promise and opportunities around every corner.

Home to academic institutes such as Rutgers University – Newark Campus and New Jersey Institute of Technology, as well as Fortune 500 company Prudential Financial, Newark media channels reach a wide range of socioeconomic statuses. The city is also a significant state and federal legal center that is host to a large number of law firms with students studying at its various legal and medical school systems. Newark has several world-class venues, including the NJ Performing Arts Center and the Prudential Center.

Public transit in Newark connects commuters across the metro’s of New York and New Jersey. These transit, driving, and walking routes throughout the city limits present ample opportunity to reach diverse target audiences via junior poster adsbus shelter advertising.

New York, NY, Demographics:








  • Black or African American 49% 49%
  • Hispanic and Other 36.2% 36.2%
  • White 10.5% 10.5%
  • Asian 1.76% 1.76%

Outdoor advertising like you find at bus stations and along commuter walking and driving routes puts your message in the path of your ideal customer. It’s a great solution for regional and national campaigns, and it offers exceptional return on investment. Speak to a representative at AR James Media about lending our expertise to place your next ad.

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