Connecting Brands & Hispanic Audiences


The Hispanic population in the United States totals around 57.5 million people, making up 17.8% of the US population. Half of this population is under 30 years of age with New Jersey sitting as the seventh largest state with a Hispanic population. New York reigned in the number four position. Hispanics are a fifth of the U.S. population and growing, yet are still being under-served by brand marketers.

Hispanic Millennials Are The Most Likely Cultural Group to Interact with Brands

According to a study done by Viant, a marketing technology company, almost 50% of Hispanic Millennials said that they had talked about a brand online with others or used a brand’s hashtag, compared to 17% of non-Hispanics.

Utilizing OOH advertising can fuel this conversation and further brand awareness and loyalty.

Outdoor Advertising Works!

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How AR James can help you reach your ideal target market

AR James Media is the resident experts of New Jersey and New York OOH initiatives, understanding achievable audiences down to this multicultural level. Brands and agencies alike need an out-of-home advertising agency that understands how multicultural audience targeting can positively impact a campaign and can navigate the decision making process of where to be advertising to reach these audiences.

If you are interested in broadening your multicultural audience targeting, explore our inventory of junior posters and transit shelters in NJ.

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