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Hoboken, New Jersey, is counted among the most walkable cities in the country, a point that is emphasized by a young population that likes to get out to local bars and restaurants. Public transit connects Hoboken to Harrison, Newark, and Jersey City with Lower and Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Top industries in Hoboken include academic publishing, financial services, and local institutions including the Hoboken University Medical Center and the Stevens Institute of Technology. Just 4 miles separates Hoboken from NYC with commuters from both locales frequently passing each other — and outdoor ads along the routes connecting their cities. These transit and walking routes present ample opportunity to reach your target audience via bus shelter advertising multiple times in a single day.

Hoboken, NJ, Demographics:

< 53,400







  • White 82.91% 82.91%
  • Asian 9.29% 9.29%
  • Two or more races 3.43% 3.43%
  • Black or African American 2.72% 2.72%
  • Another race 1.64% 1.64%
  • Native American 0.01% 0.01%

Outdoor advertising like you find at bus stations and along commuter routes lets you put your message in the path of your ideal customer. It’s the perfect solution for regional and national campaigns, and it offers a great return on investment. Speak to a representative at AR James Media about lending our expertise to place your next ad.

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Demographic data sourced from World Population Review and datausa.io.

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