Junior Posters from AR James Media

Take your seasonal or rotating campaign to new levels with an AR James Media Jr. Poster.

What is a Junior Poster Advertisement?

Junior poster billboards are a popular way for businesses to promote their products and services. Junior posters are typically smaller in size than traditional billboards, which makes them a more affordable option for businesses with limited marketing budgets. AR James strategically places the Jr. posters in high-traffic areas, above eye level, to ensure maximum visibility and reach for your business. These smaller, more affordable billboards offer a targeted advertising solution that is particularly effective for local businesses.

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Effective in commercial areas.

In big commercial markets like New York City and New Jersey where regular-sized posters might not stand out, a junior poster billboard can elevate your message to your desired audience.

Lower CPM than most outdoor advertising formats.

Strategic placement makes junior posters a cost-effective decision for any marketer. You reach more of your audience, when and where it matters, while spending less. Give your ROI a boost in a competitive market.

Use for harder-to-reach audiences.

If your campaign is focused on multicultural audiences or another specialized target market in the Tri-state area, junior posters located in their neighborhoods can advertise your service or product in a smart, concise format.

Ideal for localized targeting and messaging.

The best selling point for advertising posters is their versatility. They work for reaching pedestrians in city centers as well as they do for motorists on major roads. Whoever you need to speak to, you can.

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