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Out-of-home advertising is invaluable to a wide variety of industries, and the education sector is no exception to that rule. The goal is to reach as many prospective students, parents, alumni, and future employees as possible, and OOH advertising can accomplish that by building brand awareness, announcing important campus events, and driving website visits. This is especially relevant for higher education institutions — small and large — in the Tri-state area.

At AR James Media, we can get the ball rolling for you. In New Jersey alone, we operate more than 500 transit shelters.

We own our own bus shelter and jr. poster inventory and are responsible for all phases of the process.

When we design a campaign, it is with the intention of getting your school or other learning institution as many street-level impressions as possible.

AR James has previously worked with Rutgers University and other local universities in our markets, so we have experience and expertise that will directly improve your ROI.

That’s what sets us apart.

Outdoor Advertising Works!

impressions each week



of the population each week

This week,


of the population will see an outdoor advertisement.

cost per impression of any medium

AR James Media offers best in class bus shelters and junior poster inventory in places like:

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