Bus Shelter Programs With AR James Media


You may have walked, biked, driven, or rode past a bus shelter and wondered:

“Who keeps those things clean and makes sure advertisements are updated regularly?”

Well, it’s quite an involved process that requires several parties and lots of time and planning.

Bus Shelter Ads in New Jersey

At the conception and direction of individual towns and cities in New Jersey, the NJ Transit Authority will install bus shelters on roads and highways to give passengers the protection and comfort they need for their commute.

Since the DOT and Transit Authority is only responsible for the installation, municipalities need an assist to actually get these projects underway.

Enter AR James Media and the unique offerings and services they can provide in your unique municipality.

Our OOH experts are actively involved in the planning and purchasing of bus shelter structures. Again, after working with the NJ Transit Authority to install these brand new shelters, AR James alleviates any stress and will own the operations and maintenance of these bus shelters.

This guarantees all shelters remain clean, stable, and undamaged. Whether dealing with snow or storms, even graffiti or dirt,

AR James Media will always ensure these shelters are set up for commuter comfort.

Outdoor Advertising Works!

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Opportunities for Brands and Local Businesses

Now there’s a clean, structurally sound bus shelter for all the hard-working commuters of New Jersey. But there’s an added bonus to these bus shelters — the opportunity to advertise. AR James Media knows the OOH advertising industry and processes inside and out and facilitates opportunities to use these shelters for ad space. Brands and businesses benefit as well as the townships, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Learn more about transit shelter ads and how AR James can help bring life and color to new transit shelters in your area.

If you are a county official or a township or city employee that is wanting to improve the experience for commuters and travelers in your area, contact AR James Media today to consult on your next project.

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