Employees in the out of home advertising industry are capable of doing so much more in their communities than what their job requirements entail. AR James Media’s own Kenny Boulware offers just one example of how the OOH industry can give back. 

Outdoor Advertising Puts Us in Touch With Our Community

Kenny has made a habit of regularly engaging with some of the homeless individuals he encounters during his work as a bill poster at transit shelters around Newark, NJ. One day he shared a particularly warm moment with Ariana DeLucia, the CFO of AR James Media, after Kenny had encountered a homeless man who was feeling sick and had asked for some spare change to get a cup of hot tea.


But Ariana did more than just smile at Kenny’s generosity. She responded by purchasing a variety of supplies to create care packages that included snacks, emergency blankets, hand-warmers, and other items. Kenny keeps the care packages in his van and distributes them to people in need during his workday.


This simple act of kindness by Kenny, Ariana, and the rest of the AR James Media team was recently featured in OOH Today, the leading source for news and information from the out of home advertising industry.

Other Ways of Giving Back

AR James Media is hardly alone in their philanthropy. In fact, the OOH industry is full of kindness. 


The industry has provided free advertising spaces for charitable causes all the way back to the early 1900s and donates more than $450 million each year to local and national non-profit organizations that can’t afford advertising. 


The OOH industry also routinely utilizes advertising space to place severe weather alerts, disaster relief information, missing persons announcements, and other community efforts. 

Get to Know AR James Media

Now that you’ve gotten to know AR James Media on a personal level, you can learn a little more about what we do on a professional basis. 


AR James Media provides OOH advertising around the New York and New Jersey metro areas including bus shelter advertising, junior posters, and more. 

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