Revolutionizing Outdoor Advertising with Transit Shelters & Other Out of Home Campaigns

Marketing is about reaching your customers in ways that resonate with them and stick in their memory. OOH advertising in Newark provides businesses with interesting ways of interacting with their audiences. Check out this guide to learn how OOH media in Newark such as bus stop bench advertising in Newark or transit shelter advertising in Newark can be used to grow your business.

What Is OOH Advertising?

OOH advertising, or out of home advertising, refers to advertisements that a potential customer sees when not in their place of residence. Typically placed in public areas that get plenty of traffic, these advertisements can reach a wide audience in a cost-effective way. Used as part of a broader advertising strategy, OOH advertisements can go a long way towards building brand recognition and getting your message out there.

Forms of OOH Advertising

Many different advertising mediums fall under the category of OOH advertising. For instance, billboards placed along major roadways are one traditional form of OOH advertising that many businesses utilize as part of their marketing strategies. These advertisements give businesses the chance to reach drivers while they’re out on their everyday commute or traveling for other reasons, cutting through the often over-saturated landscape of television or online advertising.

An effective form of OOH advertising is placing advertising content at public transit locations, such as bus stop benches, transit shelters, or other public transportation infrastructure. These types of advertisements can take advantage of the targeted nature of OOH advertising, creating advertisements that are relevant to people in the particular area where the ad will be seen.

How OOH Advertising Benefits Your Business

Exceptional Return on Investment

The value that you get from OOH advertising is one reason that makes it such an attractive option for many businesses. Your advertisement will be visible to thousands of audience members, maximizing your campaign’s reach. You won’t have to pay extra to reach additional audience members like you would have to with pay-per-click digital advertising, either.

Advertising with Broad Reach

OOH advertising cuts across demographics barriers such as age or income level to reach all different kinds of people that pass through a given area. This is an excellent way to reach people that TV commercials, radio ads, or social media marketing campaigns might otherwise miss.

Build Name Recognition

People are more likely to do business with a brand that they are familiar with. This simple fact can be leveraged in OOH advertising to increase how recognizable your brand is to your target audience. This will also have the additional effect of making your other forms of advertising more effective, as consumers will be more likely to engage with your content after seeing the brand on a transit shelter posting or through other OOH advertising.

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