AR James Media operates bus shelter advertising, jr posters, bulletins and parking garage advertising in New York and New Jersey.  The firm is owned by Jim and Ariana DeLucia who are active in the business.  The company is a member of geopath and the OAAA.  Insider talked with the DeLucia’s this week.

How did you get into the out of home advertising business?

Long story short… We had a friend who was an account rep for a billboard/bulletin company and we became intrigued with the Out of Home Advertising space.  Around the mid-1990’s, we noticed an explosion of bulletins along the highways of New Jersey and the same time there was a huge void of Out of Home advertising in NJ’s urban areas. These were densely populated areas in desperate need of an advertising medium and a need to protect their residents from the elements while waiting for a bus.  We had seen transit shelters advertising before, so we filled that void.

Tell us about your plant.

We have over 1000 signs in 24 markets in the NY NJ  DMA From Westchester County NY to Ocean County NJ.
What’s business like?
AR James Media is a boutique style regional agency/operator with the coverage in the NY NJ DMA that offers quality service to our advertising clients and municipal partners.
New Jersey seems to be dragging its feet with respect to digital signs and transit advertising.  Can you explain?

Unfortunately, the State of New Jersey still views digital advertising in transit shelters as a hazard.  We believe as digital Out of Home becomes more mainstream, it’s only a matter of time before the State reconsiders its position and reverses the regulations.