jr poster ad

Advertising is a vital cornerstone upon which any successful business strategy is built. Marketing requires a cohesive strategy that uses a variety of elements and one of the unique tools you have at your disposal is JR posters or junior posters. Want to know more about how you can grow your business using junior posters in Newark? Read on to learn more about how a junior poster billboard in Newark can benefit your business.

What Are Junior Posters?

Junior posters are outdoor fixtures that are used to send messages from a brand to its audience and boost that brand’s visibility. They are smaller than a typical billboard, making them easier to fit into your business’ budget while still having the same wide reach that billboards offer.

Junior posters are a form of out-of-home advertising commonly referred to as OOH advertising. OOH ads are effective because they can reach very broad audiences for a relatively low investment, cut across demographic groups, and position your brand in a place of prominence and authority.

Benefits of a Junior Poster Billboard

Great Value for Money

The return you’ll get on the investment you put into junior poster billboards shows how effective this form of advertisement is. While many other forms of advertising, such as pay-per-click online ads or email marketing methods, require you to invest more money to expand your reach, junior poster billboards have the potential to reach thousands with no additional cost incurred.

Target Hard-to-Reach Demographics

If your advertising campaign is trying to reach demographics not likely to interact with digital advertisements or other common forms of marketing, junior poster billboards provide a great alternative. Everyone who walks through the area will be given a chance to engage with your brand, improving your ability to reach new markets.

Excellent Localized Messaging

Making your brand a visible presence in the community will increase your audience’s familiarity with what sets you apart from your competitors, driving more business to your door. The localized nature of junior poster billboards also allows you to tailor the message to be specific and relevant to the area you’re targeting, creating a message that resonates with the people seeing your ad.

Visibility in Prominent Places

Consumers are more likely to choose brands they’re already familiar with. That’s why having your brand displayed in a high-traffic area on a junior poster billboard is an asset for your business. Seeing your brand positioned on a junior poster billboard will make the customer more likely to seek your business out or interact with other marketing content you try to engage them with.

Want to learn more about how junior posters can benefit your brand? Contact the experts at AR James Media, and we’ll work with you to develop a marketing strategy sure to put your business on course for success.