We all love data.

It’s indicative, predictive, provocative and inspiring.

It forces us to ask questions and seek answers. The numbers rarely (if ever) lie, but how we interpret the picture they paint will help us become better marketers. Information is abundant, but what should we do with it? That’s what many marketers are faced with every day. Sifting through noisy data is an art form – there’s plenty of it floating around.

Here in this space, we’ll pass along interesting trends, percentages, ratios, you name it. Nothing too in-depth, but thought-provoking and discussion-driving.

Let’s dive into some numbers about transit advertising and outdoor advertising’s potential impact, shall we?

  1. Transit shelter advertising reaches 92% of the population each week.
  2. Outdoor ads reach 98% of all consumers on a weekly basis.
  3. Approximately 80% of American consumers started noticing billboard ads in 2016.
  4. By 2019, digital platforms are forecast to account for 41.8 percent of out-of-home ad spend in the world (per Statista).
  5. The outdoor advertising industry is in the midst of its eighth consecutive year of revenue growth.

That’s all good stuff, right? Total market coverage (or pretty darn close to it) and an elevated brand message are possible – you just need to buy in to outdoor advertising. In 2018, make it part of your plan.