Are You Selling to the Fastest Growing Population in the US?

The Hispanic population in the United States totals around 57.5 million people, making up 17.8% of the US population. Half of this population is under the age of 30. These are lucrative numbers for a marketer. This explains why $9.6 billion was spent on ads in 2017 marketing to Hispanics.

Hispanic OOH Advertising New York/New Jersey

New Jersey demographics

The Hispanic population in the state of New Jersey is the 7th largest Hispanic population according to population data in 2014. There were 1.7 million Hispanics, making up 19% of the state’s population, and 3% of the total US Hispanic population.

The interesting thing is that 831,000 Hispanics were eligible voters which places the other slightly half population below the age of 18 years. The segment of millennials (18-30 yrs.) at that time was 35,100 strong. In the last 4 years, this number has surely risen significantly. This makes out-of-home advertising to Hispanics in New Jersey very promising.

hispanic advertising new jersey

Why transit advertising works?

Out-of-home advertising includes billboards, transit shelters, signposts, outdoor digital screens, outdoor furniture, and jr. posters. It involves displaying ads in areas where people pass through when going about their daily business; waiting areas, stations, terminals, airports, public transport, and so on. Out-of-home advertising works because it has several advantages:

  • Larger audience – Out of home ads that are geared towards a general audience will reach a significantly larger audience than a banner ad on mobile, or an ad on the TV. There are all people from different backgrounds, ages, and gender viewing the ad at any one time.
  • Demands attention – 98 percent of the adult population will see an out-of-home advertisement this week. Unlike TV or other digital channels like the mobile, it is impossible to turn off an outdoor advertisement. It is viewable until it is taken down.
  • Extended exposure – Advertisements are placed in visible points where viewers will be spending   10-15 minutes, for example, taxis or bus terminals.
  • Enhance marketing campaigns – According to BrandScience, all media channels, except radio, increase their ROI when out-of-home is in the mix.
  • Provides the best ROI – Out-of-home beats ALL traditional media (except television) in terms of ROI per ad dollar spent.

Why wait?

Out of home advertising in New Jersey promises good returns, especially among the fastest growing population segment. It is an opportunity not to be missed.