How Transit Shelter Ads Reach a Broad Audience

Advertising is all about reaching as wide an audience as possible to give yourself the best chance possible to convert into leads. Here at AR James Media, we understand this concept, and that’s our specialty. Our advertising agency provides traditional marketing solutions through junior posters and transit shelter advertising. While “transit shelter” might not sound like the most intuitive language, we use it as a catch-all term for bus stops or shelters. Read ahead to find out more about the benefits of using bus stop bench advertising in Newark.

Benefits to Using Bus Stop Advertising

Bus stop advertising is a great way to build your brand through raw exposure. The first thing to highlight is that a bus stop ad is on 24/7, and anyone who walks through that area at any time of day will see it. Put it into a high-traffic area, and you have a recipe to reach every single person who commutes through a given area, and in highly congested New Jersey and New York cities, that’s a recipe for success. Another great plus to highlight about bus stop advertising is the ability to refine and expand on the message a storefront can bring. Having an ad close to where people can take action has proven to be very effective in converting people walking past the store. Having that ad a block down or even closer to a business can help drive foot traffic there.

How to Get Started on a Transit Shelter Ad

Here at AR James Media, we are committed to a partnership when you sign on with us, and we want to help guide you every step of the way as we plan a bus shelter advertisement. Our experienced team of account professionals will assist through the process of planning, designing, and the installation of your ads. Afterward, we’ll even take care of maintaining the appearance of your bus shelter advertisement to make sure it does not lose its clarity or message. If any of this information sounds appealing or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and get your advertisement out to the world.