Think of your daily commute for a minute.

You may take the subway, a train, or use your own car. Along the way, you see advertising non-stop along the major thoroughfares and intersections. It’s everywhere. Now, think of that advertising through the scope of your company, its brand and its message.

Transit and bus shelters are difference-makers, and the data backs it up: 92% of the population will see a transit shelter advertisement this week. Adding it to your marketing/advertising mix only amplifies your message, while delivering a low CPM with a 24-7 presence.

We’re thinking of your impact while also being mindful of your budget.

Transit and bus shelters are “always-on” advertising and they’re scalable for any project or campaign:

1. Reach a commuting, metropolitan audience 24-7.                                                                   2. Get maximum exposure at an affordable cost.
3. Target specific areas and demographics.

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