Transit Shelter ad Image header

Effective advertisements stand out from the crowded field of content that consumers see on a day-to-day basis and leave a lasting impression. Using transit shelter advertising in Newark innovatively can help you achieve this goal and send a message that resonates with your audience. Here are some ideas for using bus shelter advertising in Newark or a bus shelter poster in Newark to maximum effect.

Minimalist Design

They say less is more, and that old adage often holds true in advertising. If your intended audience looks at your bus station poster and feels overwhelmed by the crowded design, they aren’t likely to put in the effort of trying to ascertain what your meaning is. Take a moment to think about the core message you want your ad to send, then strip away elements that don’t directly support that central theme.

Incorporate the Surroundings

Ads that are relevant to their surroundings are more likely to feel relevant to the audience who sees them. There are a number of ways you can accomplish this goal, from tailoring your messaging to resonate with people in a certain area to simply making the ad somehow relatable to people who are using public transportation.

Use Humor to Stand Out

One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression is to make them laugh. Incorporating a clever concept or a witty punchline into your advertising can go a long way toward increasing the effectiveness of the ad. Even businesses involved in industries that might not seem humorous at face value can benefit from this strategy, taking a topic that people might find dull or uninteresting and making it something worth laughing about.

Present a Cohesive Theme

You likely won’t rely on a single transit shelter advertising to drive customers to your business. That’s why it’s important the ad you post at a bus station or other public transit meshes with the other advertising strategies you utilize. If you are posting multiple transit shelter ads, you may consider telling a story or stringing the messages of the various ads together in some way to make the campaign more engaging.

There are many more innovative ways to use transit shelter advertising you can explore with your brand. Our experts will help you realize your marketing vision, generate more business, and increase your revenue. Reach out to AR James Media today to get on the path toward realizing your full potential!