Jim DeLucia Talks Advertising in NJ and Restructuring for Better Client Service

In a recent interview with Billboard Insider, Jim DeLucia talked about how AR James Media fills a void in the NY NJ DMA. As the founder and CEO of AR James Media, DeLucia has been with the company since it began in April of 1996. A veteran of the out of home advertising (OOH) industry, he’s accumulated a wealth of expertise and knowledge that he’s delighted to share with others.

Check out the full interview to hear how Jim got into OOH, where AR James Media’s recent success comes from, and his take on the smart kiosks popping up throughout urban New Jersey.

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Situated between Philadelphia and New York City, New Jersey has the highest population density in the country and one of its most fertile commuter markets. The out-of-home advertising experts at AR James Media know this area well, and we know how to get your message to your audience. We’re here to help you do more with outdoor ads.

We work directly with brands as well as with agencies, leveraging more than 1,000 displays between Westchester County, NY, and Ocean County, NJ, to deliver your campaign to the customers that matter most. Speak to one of our representatives to find out how you can make use of junior posters and transit shelter advertising in New Jersey.

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