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Communicating what your brand offers to potential audiences requires a multifaceted approach. Along with digital media, radio advertising, and other mediums, OOH advertising, otherwise known as out-of-home advertising, is an important way to reach your customers. Want to learn more about the benefits this advertising medium can provide? Read on for all the information you need about using OOH ads in Newark to boost your business.

OOH stands for out of home, so OOH ads include any advertising content that an audience encounters out in the world. They are typically placed in high-traffic areas to maximize their reach, allowing for an effective way to transmit a message to a mass audience. They are also a great form of advertising for reaching across all demographics to cast as wide a net as possible.

OOH ads can take many different forms. Some common examples include billboards or other advertising fixtures placed around auto ways, transit advertisements placed in buses, subways, and other forms of public transportation, or street furniture, like branded benches along city streets. Banners flown on the backs of planes are another form of OOH ad that can be useful in reaching audiences and are often used at sporting events or public beaches.

Benefits of OOH Advertising


Types of OOH advertising like billboards or branded furniture can be a very affordable way to boost brand awareness. While other forms of advertising might require constant expenditure to continue growing their reach, OOH ads tend to be purchased at a flat rate. This is a great way to grow your audience while keeping your advertising budget under control.

Possibilities for Engagement

Pop-up online windows or email blasts are likely to be ignored by potential customers, blending in with the noise of all the advertising they see on a given day. However, with so many different forms of OOH ads, there’s a lot more room for innovation and creativity in this space. Designing an ad that grabs viewers’ attention will go a long way toward your brand, leaving a lasting impression.

Synergy with Other Advertising Forms

OOH strategies can be used effectively as part of a broader advertising strategy, boosting your advertising efforts in other mediums as well. Research has shown that internet users are more likely to click on a digital ad if they are familiar with the brand outside the digital realm. By having strong OOH advertisements, you can drive engagement in your other forms of advertising as well.

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