Outdoor Advertising in the Indoor Year: Reason for Optimism

As the economy crawls forward on the heels of a nationwide re-opening, James Delucia sees out-of-home advertising as one of the industries with the steepest resurgence.

The CEO of AR James Media voiced his optimism for outdoor advertising’s return in Billboard Insider.

“People are not staying home anymore. They are starting to move around again, and they are getting out,” Delucia says. “I am feeling that buzz again; the kind I had before this happened to all of us.”

Like many industries, out-of-home advertising took a hit when the COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on a bustling economy. Millions of Americans were no longer commuting to work, going out to eat or visiting the gym. And as a result, advertising on transit shelters and sidewalks lost a bulk of their audience.

Delucia cites data from Geopath that determined the average distance traveled by a person in the month of March declined from 18 miles per day down to 10.

“Nobody is out, there are hardly any cars on the road, and nobody is Out-Of-Home,” Delucia realized during a long drive home from picking up his daughter at college.

But after more than 25 years in the business, Delucia has learned that the down periods are followed by the ups, and this one is no different. After all, Geopath data shows that the distance traveled by Americans ticked back up 30% in April.

Barring a second lockdown, the out-of-home advertising industry should see substantial growth in 2021 as local economies get back to full swing and Americans shed their 2020 cabin fever by spending more time out and about.

“Cars and trucks are on the road and traffic seems very close to normal,” Delucia says. “I feel it, I feel it coming back. OOH has been through its share of ups and downs. This one is a doozy, but we remain Out-of-Home!”

About AR James Media

AR James Media brings out-of-home advertising to the New York and New Jersey metro areas via transit shelters, junior posters, and more. The company’s client list includes some of the biggest and most recognizable brands across healthcare, fashion, entertainment, dining, finance, and beyond.

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