Everyone loves a good ROI, right?

In saying that, advertisers and marketers are often guilty of flocking to their safe spaces, and often that’s digital or radio. Nothing wrong with that (in doses), but why aren’t they looking at outdoor advertising?

Revenue is what you want, and out-of-home makes it happen.

In our recent blog titled “What You May Not Know,” we touched on some ROI figures from outdoor advertising. To recap, $1 of outdoor advertising results in nearly $3 ($2.80, to be exact) in revenue…which is pretty significant.

For this example, we’ll take the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s earnings report from Q3 2017. In total, the industry generated $5.8 billion in revenue broken into four categories: billboards, transit, place-based ads and street furniture.

OK, so now you’re caught up.

Here’s how the Q3 revenue shakes out:

  1. Billboards: The money maker in outdoor. Billboards brought in $3.83 billion in revenue.
  2. Transit Shelters: They’re always there, and responsible for $1.02 billion in revenue.
  3. Place-Based: A total of $619 million. Nothing to sneeze at.
  4. Street Furniture: All in all, $324 million generated here. Convinced yet?

Customers aged 18-64 spend more time viewing outdoor advertisements than with any other form of media (except television).

Is it time to invest? Yeah, it’s way past time.