What Is Transit Shelter Advertising?

Transit shelter advertising refers to advertising that appears on the inside or outside of bus shelters or terminals. These ads are highly visible to both passersby and those waiting for their next ride and promote tremendous brand awareness and campaign ROI alike.

Benefits of Transit Shelter Advertising

It’s high in frequency.

The people that see these ads are often regulars who pass by or use the shelter as part of their everyday commute, making it an ideal platform for repeated, local targeting.

It’s advertising that never sleeps.

NY and NJ transit advertising is typically illuminated from the rear, remaining visible around the clock. Unlike the advertisements on the bus itself, these ads continue to reach consumers long after public transportation has stopped running.

It has captive audiences.

People waiting in bus shelters are often there for a long time. And a transit shelter advertisement is in front of them every minute of their stay. That allows you to package a higher amount of information in your ad for their continued consumption.

Find Out What Transit Shelter Advertising Can Be for You

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